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romantic maternity photos on the beach in san diego- tj and jaylin

I knew it was going to be a good session when TJ was the one that reached out to me. If you’re a photographer, you know that the guy is the wild card. He can make or break the session. So when he’s the one reaching out, you know he’s committed and it’s going to be good.

We picked a quiet beach in Carlsbad to do our session. TJ and Jaylin were so obviously in love and excited for their baby boy, that it just made my job so incredibly easy. Also, the San Diego sky decided to put on quite a show so all around it was an incredible session and I didn’t want to stop shooting! Sidenote: I’m all about the jeans and sports bra look. Keep it coming!

Hope you enjoy the magic that was this session!

If you want to see more of my most recent sessions, check out my instagram here! Or if you want to skip to the main show, and schedule a session with me, click here!

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